October Pet of the Month: Nautilus

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Our October Pet of the Month is no stranger.

Nautilus was previously featured on a Pet of the Month segment but we are happy to have him back.

He was recently adopted but was returned and is still looking for his forever home.

Janet Kulischenko and Mike McMullen with the Center for Animal Health and Welfare visited the studio with Nautilus to give us information on how to adopt him.

Fifth annual Bicycling Magazine’s Fall Classic

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Bikers are gearing up to brave the rain for the fifth annual Bicycling Magazine’s Fall Classic.

Riders will enjoy attentive on-course nutritional, mechanical and medical support.

The Fall Classic welcomes bikers on all ability levels on 10, 25, 50 and 90 mile courses.

There will be prizes for the top riders on the 50 and 90 mile courses, including live music, food and massages.

Joining us in studio to give us a preview of the October 4th event was Bicycling Magazine editor Leah Flickinger and Mike Yozell.

If you would like to sign up for the event, they are taking day of registrations or visit here if you have any questions.

Opinions Online, 10/3/15

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During a fairly wild week in the Blogosphere, I received only one comment for Opinions Online. This feature depends strictly upon readers. If you want a forum for your views, or want to discuss a topic completely different from the things I bring up, this is your chance. You can post comments by clicking on my left sidebar or calling 385-325-2564. I will run them every Saturday as a regular feature.

A municipal election draws near. This is an opportunity for you to support or oppose different candidates in the Townships, Boroughs and cities, as well as in the county races. You don’t need to pay to get your view across.


The final well-deserved nail in the coffin of the Morning Call will be their website. It is borderline unreadable on a smartphone due to the large masthead and constant “subscribe now” boxes you have to X-out. I’ve yet to use a desktop/laptop computer that the website does not grind to a screeching halt. It literally locks up my laptop for 3 minutes while it loads. Too busy, too much crap bogging it down, unorganized, tough to figure out what’s new and what’s been on there for a week, it used to be far better. Express-Times wins this one.


The Sands Bethlehem Event Center needs to do a better job of scheduling acts and advertising. The center has a larger capacity than the electric factory, yet they get few to any popular acts. Many of the acts that go to Philly don’t like visiting there anyways because the vibe there is horrid. Philadelphia gets skipped on national tours all the time. Advertise Bethlehem as a way to play a show in eastern PA at a place more awesome than Philly! Hell, hire the person that schedules the EFac if you have to. There’s money to be made here if they can start getting in better acts.


From Rich Fegley: I would want to support a write-in candidate for Allentown City Council that would have a chance of winning in the upcoming election.

At this point in time, I’d would ask the readers of this blog who they think would have a chance of winning as a write-in. My social circles are not as big as some may think and my well informed choices for candidates are few.

Pawlowski had money $$$ and Mike Fleck to help good citizens decide who to vote for. Where are all the PAC mailers now? Where are the PAC yard signs?

Who should Allentown citizens be voting into City Council on November 3rd? Will voters just vote straight party ticket and write-ins will not be considered? Lou Hershman, will he be considered by party voters?


–The UN General Secretary is calling for gun control in the U.S. over the reported 9 people killed on an Oregon college campus — This killing of people by gunfire domestically is done by novice non-shooters ,sports or taxpayers. Why are black males disproportionately involved in these crimes? I for one would like to see the NAACP educate our children of color about responsibility and how to be a good citizen. The President will have ‘egg on his face” after it come out the shooter asked each victim’ what religion they were before they were’ shot . He shot the Christians.

Comic book sale goes wrong as two men robbed of $50,000

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Authorities in Lehigh County are investigating a planned comic book sale that ended with two men being robbed at gunpoint.

The incident happened shortly before 7 p.m. Thursday night at a house in the 5000 block of Westfield Drive in Lower Macungie Township. Police said two men went to the house to close an arranged deal to buy a comic book collection but when they got there, they were jumped by three men and those men took the buyers’ bag filled with cash.

Police said one of the robbers hit one of the victims over the head while the other two robbers held them at gunpoint. The two robbers ran off with the cash. A third man was restrained by the victims until police arrived.

Utah man headed to prison for assisting Lehigh Valley doctor commit fraud

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Federal authorities said a Utah man is heading to prison for conspiring with a Lehigh Valley doctor in a scheme to avoid paying income taxes.

Robert Wray of Torrey, Utah was sentenced Friday to four years in prison. Officials said Lehigh County doctor Erik Von Kiel conspired with Wray to defraud the Department of Health and Human Services and the IRS.

The feds said Wray helped Von Kiel evade a six-figure debt he owed to the Department of HHS for unpaid medical school loans and to avoid paying income taxes.

A ‘miracle’ leads to a meeting with Pope Francis

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A little boy from the Lehigh Valley said he’s truly been blessed, after a once in a lifetime experience.

After learning the Festival of Families would be held in Philadelphia, and bring Pope Francis to the city of Brotherly Love, 10-year-old Gabriel Mesen just knew he had to be there.

“I believed God can get me there,” he said.

But, his parents weren’t so sure.

“We say, we’re going to try Gabriel,” said Maria Mesen, his mom.

Just weeks before the visit, the Mesen’s still didn’t have tickets. But just a week before the conference, three tickets opened up through their church. Mom, dad, and Gabriel were going to see the Pope.

“The miracle happened,” said Maria Mesen.

But as it turns out, Gabriel didn’t just see the Pope. The Pope saw him.

The Pontiff picked Gabriel from the crowd. Within moments, secret service agents escorted the Whitehall boy to the pope mobile.

“It felt like an angel from God hugging me,” Gabriel said. “I remember getting to the other side of the fence, and going toward the Pope, and hugging him, and he was receiving the letter! And it was just so wonderful!”

Gabriel also got to hand Pope Francis a letter he wrote all by himself the night before.

“I really wanted him to pray for me, and all the other kids,” Gabriel said.

Gabriel said he knows the Pope is close with God.

And he believes the Pontiff can deliver his message straight to heaven: Gabriel wants to walk. He was born with spina bifida.

“I will never forget this,” Gabriel said.

Berks DA: Reading police officer justified in shooting 2 teenagers in Lower Alsace

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A Reading police officer was justified in shooting two teenagers following a low-speed pursuit into the city’s eastern suburbs, Berks County District Attorney John Adams announced Friday.

The chase began on July 19 when the officer attempted to stop a Chevrolet Cruze near South 17th Street and Perkiomen Avenue.

The vehicle kept going, Adams said, leading police on a chase through Mount Penn and into Lower Alsace Township, where the vehicle drove up Highland Avenue, a dead-end dirt lane in the Central Berks Regional Police Department’s jurisdiction.

With the RPD officer stopping his cruiser close behind, the driver of the pursued vehicle, identified as Rahean Kelley, put the car in reverse.

The officer fired nine shots as the moving car backed up and struck his cruiser, striking Kelley, then 17, four times and an 18-year-old passenger once, Adams said.

“The officer was in reasonable fear of death or serious bodily injury as the Chevy Cruze backed up in his direction and his use of force was therefore justified,” Adams said in announcing his review of the investigation conducted by CBRPD.

Kelley was seriously injured and hospitalized for an extended time; Mayor was treated and released from the hospital the same night, Adams said. A third teen in the vehicle was not injured.

“It should also be noted that although the shooting was in response to the threat posed by the vehicle,” Adams said. “There is no evidence that it was Rahean Kelley’s intention to harm the officer or that he was even aware of the danger his actions created for the officer.”

Kelley was initially facing firearms and receiving stolen property charges for having a stolen 22-caliber semiautomatic pistol in the car, police said in July. Authorities said they are unable to disclose the current status of the case because it’s being handled in juvenile court.

The officer remains off full duty pending the outcome of an internal review of his use of force, according to RPD Chief Bill Heim, who said the review should be completed in a week or two.

USA Today: Reading Liederkranz Oktoberfest best in US

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When it comes to Oktoberfest celebrations, the one put on by the Reading Liederkranz is better than all the rest in the United States, according to results of a poll conducted by USA Today and 10Best.

Readers were asked to vote for their favorite Oktoberfest, and the one currently underway in Berks County came out on top, beating out celebrations in Texas, Wisconsin, California and Ohio.

“The top two finishers fought tooth and nail to the finish line, but in the end it was Pennsylvania’s Reading Liederkranz Oktoberfest that clinched the top spot,” USA Today said in releasing the results Friday afternoon. “Wurstfest in New Braunfels, Texas, was runner-up.”

The five-day Reading Liederkranz Oktoberfest began Wednesday and runs through Sunday at the society’s headquarters on Spook Lane, near Hill Road, in Lower Alsace Township.

“Reading Leiderkranz Oktoberfest in Reading, Pennsylvania, celebrates all things Germany with the traditional food and fanfare you’d expect of this time-honored festival,” USA Today said in its poll. “A Biergarten and food vendor booths cook up typical fare, while live music, a roving ventriloquist and magic shows provide more family-friendly entertainment.”

Business Insider magazine has also ranked the local Oktoberfest celebration as one of the top 10 in the world.

“We’ve been overwhelmed by the support that’s coming in from around the world, voting for us, and it pushed us over the top and we’re happy,” said Joe Pettyjohn, club president.

“The cream rose to the top,” said attendee Dustin Andersson. “This really is a terrific Oktoberfest.”

Organizers on Friday told 69 News that the rain and wind has had a slight impact on this year’s attendance.

“We are having a fabulous night… the weather has impacted us a little bit,” said Robin Pritz, general manager. “But we have this great tent here, plenty of seating underneath and our pavilion’s big dance floor… and we have plenty of beer flowing!”

Andersson and his wife, Stacey, told 69 News that the weather would never stop them from coming out.

“It doesn’t keep us away… we still have a great time and we’ll push through!”

Freebies For Bloggers?

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West Easton blogger Matt Dees reports that he gets freebies from local establishments as a result of his website. … Jars of honey. … Tickets to the State Theatre. … A bug-a-salt gun.

Maybe I should be nicer.


Reminder: Opinions Online Publishes at Midnight!

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If you want your opinions on any topic expressed here, click on my left sidebar and post a comment. You can also call 385-325-2564 with a comment. Opinions Online is a regular Saturday feature, and is your opportunity to weigh in on any topic with a short comment.