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Cops: Thief’s backpack had purses, drugs, laptops and a bottle of brandy

A witness called officers after seeing a man breaking into a car in Macungie, police said.

A thief spotted breaking into a car in Macungie was caught soon after with the hel…

Reported shooting outside Macungie bank was suicide, coroner says

A 58-year-old borough man was found in the parking lot.

A 58-year-old Macungie man committed suicide Friday outside a borough bank, according to the Lehigh County Coroner’s …

Reported shooting outside bank draws police in Lehigh County

Macungie officers and Pennsylvania State Police were outside the Wells Fargo bank, 301 E. Main St.

UPDATE: Reported shooting outside Macungie bank was suicide, coroner says

Drunk, partially nude man greets kids as they walk to bus, cops say

Officers took the man to his apartment to get pants so they could take him to police headquarters, police said.

A drunk Macungie man naked from the waist down was found standing …

Coroner identifies fatal Macungie train accident victim

The woman becomes disoriented at the railroad crossing and turns onto the train tracks, where her car became stuck, the Lehigh County coroner says.

Authorities say a 64-year-old&…

Bethlehem couple face ethnic intimidation charges for threatening white women, police say

Michael Layton is accused of aiming an airgun at one of the victim’s heads.

Handcuffs.jpgView full sizeA Bethlehem couple is accused of threatening two women during an altercation Sunday night in file photo 

Bethlehem couple face ethnic intimidation and related charges after threatening two women and calling them “white (expletives)” during a confrontation Sunday night in Macungie, borough police said.

Michael David Layton is also accused of loading an airgun and aiming it at one of the victim’s heads, police said.

Layton, who is black, is being held in Lehigh County Jail in lieu of $1 million bail and and his wife, Alexandra Carter, is being held in lieu of $500,000 bail after being arraigned Monday morning. Both live in the 1700 block of Barrett Drive, according to court records.

Ethnic intimidation is when a person is accused of committing a crime while acting with malicious intent toward the victim’s actual or perceived race, color, religion, ancestry, gender, sexual orientation or mental or physical disability, according to the state law.

Macungie police said they were called to an apartment in the first block of Lehigh Street for a report of a man pointing a gun.

Lauren Kerchner was hysterical when officers arrived, police said, and told officers she got into an argument with a man who brandished a gun and pointed it at her. Kerchner said the man, later identified as Layton, left in a Cadillac, followed by his wife driving a black Jetta; police stopped both cars in the 3400 block of Brookside Road.

Layton repeatedly told police “It was a cellphone, not a gun,” police said. Officers found an empty package for a Colt commander CO2 BB gun under a spare tire in the trunk, and then found the BB gun in the glove box, police said.

Police said Layton and Carter were visiting a friend, Kristina Velasco, in the apartment building and Velasco got into an argument with an upstairs neighbor over noise.

Kerchner, who was not involved in the altercation, came outside to smoke and saw a black Jetta parked close to her vehicle, police said. Kerchner walked over to inspect the car when Layton came outside, began yelling and asked Kerchner if she had a problem with his wife’s car, police said.

Kerchner began walking to her apartment when Carter came outside, began yelling and said “I’m gonna beat your (expletive) you white (expletive),” police said. Carter then swung at Kerchner several times while screaming, “You white (expletive),” police said.

Layton held his wife back and pulled her away from Kerchner when the upstairs neighbor and a friend heard the commotion and came outside, police said.

Layton confronted the friend, Sarah Schmeltze, threatening to beat her “white (expletive) (expletive),” and then chest bumping her twice, police said.

Layton then looked at Kerchner, said “I’ve got something special” for you, walked around the building and came back with what looked like a handgun, police said. Layton racked the slide and pointed it at Kerchner’s head; Kerchner’s 2-year-old son was standing in the doorway and witnessed the event, police said.

Layton, 21, and Carter, 22, are each charged with aggravated assault, conspiracy, ethnic intimidation, making terroristic threats, disorderly conduct and harassment. Layton is also charged with possession of an instrument of a crime and driving with a suspended license.

Carter is also charged with public drunkeness and police said a charge of driving under the influence of alcohol is awaiting the results of a blood test.

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