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Troy vs Milton

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The Trojans marched out of Bradford county last year and made lots of noise in District 4, they have most of that team back, and will definitely make opening night a challenging one for Milton.

Montoursville vs South Williamsport

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#8 South Williamsport has perhaps the best running back in the state in Dominick Bragalone III, a tall order to stop if Montoursville hopes to start the season 1-0

Central Mountain vs Williamsport

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District 4 welcomes back Central Mountain after several years of playing in District 6.   This opening night features Williamsport another AAAA team. Big school clash for opening night!!

Loyalsock vs Mt. Carmel

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Big match-up in District 4 AA as the #4 ranked Lancers look to fend off the challenge from the 10th-ranked Red Tornados.

Couple: We Were Tied Up and Robbed At Gunpoint

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WILLIAMSPORT — A couple in Lycoming County said they were tied up and robbed at gunpoint over the weekend and they don’t know who did it. Newswatch 16 spoke with the victims about their terrifying experience.

The couple from Williamsport said they are still shaken up over the break in. Monday, the husband told Newswatch 16 the whole thing happened so fast that he reacted on instinct to try to protect himself and his wife.

“You don’t argue with a .44 Magnum at all. You do what he says,” said Don from Williamsport.

Don from Williamsport didn’t want to give his full name. He said he and his wife were tied up and robbed at gunpoint early Sunday morning at their home on Germania Street in Williamsport. Police said Don and his wife were asleep when two men wearing hoodies broke in.

“When I turned my head to look, I seen my door swing open real quick,” said Don.

That’s when he saw a gun.

“He came in this way with the gun pointed,” said Don.

Don said he acted on instinct and grabbed for his gun, but couldn’t reach it in time.

“His buddy started to tie me up. Once his buddy got me secure on the floor he went after my wife with the pistol,” said Don.

Police said the robbers got away with cash. They tried to take Don’s gun but dropped it on the way out.

“Somebody just violated me in one of the places I’m supposed to feel the safest,” said Don.

Don said he’s still not sure why someone would want to break into his house. Now, his neighbors say they are scared and they are trying to find ways to protect themselves and their homes, just in case.

“I don’t feel as safe as I did,” said Joseph Adams from Williamsport.

Adams lives down the street. He plans to install a security system soon.

“I lived here for 22 years and I never really had this problem down here. It’s just shocking,” said Adams.

“Not feeling safe in your own home is one of the worst feelings you can have,” said Don.

Police are still investigating. They ask anyone with information about the home invaders to contact police in Williamsport.

Young and Old Come to Celebrate a Little League Champion

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SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT– Thousands of people filled Lamade Stadium in South Williamsport to watch the biggest game in little league baseball…the world series championship.

People of all ages say that the feeling you get when you walk up the hill and watch the kids playing ball on that field is one of a kind.

“It’s a very nice venue here. The field and the whole facility here is really remarkable. The people of this community too. They’re extremely friendly, extremely nice. They’ve shown us a good time,” says Matt Sueshoo of California.

Sueshoo adds, “it’s been really great; a real delight to be here.”

Sueshoo’s son, Ethan, is  a little league player who hopes to be on the field at Lamade in a few years.

Even the champions from the original Little League World Series from 75 years ago were in attendance.

“They played in 1939 and they can remember everything like it was yesterday and they’re amazing,” said Patrick Queinlan of West Virginia.

Bill Bair, one of the original players, says that while many things have changed over the years, the game remains the same.

He added, “we had a new ball for every game. People came to see us play and we had bats we could swing!”

Bair also had some advice for the kids out on the field today, “stay away from alcohol, stay away from cigarettes, stay away from drugs and play hard!”

More than 25,000 fans attended the championship game, and watched South Korea walk away with the win and the title of Little League World Series Champions.

Pin Trading at the Little League World Series

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See all of these books? They are filled with pins. And all of these people? They are busy trading those pins!

“I have a book like this for every year. I design my pin and then I send them off and then I trade the pins for another pin,” Dee Steinbacher said.

Dee Steinbacher of South Williamsport says she has thousands of pins. Pin trading is a popular pastime at the Little League World Series.

“You go through your books, you have to go through their books and see what you like and then you trade your pin for their pin,” Steinbacher said.

Rick Robertson of Williamsport trades pins with his daughter. He says the most popular pins are the ones from the Little League players, since they are hard to get.

“Everybody comes in from different states and it’s always fun to get the pins of the other kids who have come in. A lot of these same faces were here back when we did it,” Rick Robertson said.

But not everybody’s been pin trading for years. Some kids say it’s their first year doing it and they hope to keep on trading pins for years to come.

“After the games and before them we just trade pins,” Max Kruse said.

Max Kruse’s older brother plays for the North West team.

“I got started in regionals and me and my friends just started trading pins and it’s really fun,” Kruse said.

The pin trading tent is open everyday at the Little League World Series.

Fans Flock To World Series To Root For Philly

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SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT — Lamade Stadium and the lawn behind it were filled with baseball fans caught up in the Philadelphia frenzy in South Williamsport.

The Taney Dragons from the City of Brotherly Love were taking on the team from Las Vegas Wednesday night.

However, they didn’t need Lady Luck going against the City of Chance; they have their own lucky lady, star pitcher, 13-year old Mo`ne Davis.

“I think it`s awesome that a girl is playing with the guys and she`s doing such an awesome job all over,” said Lisa Schmidt from Northampton.

“We drove up here. I left work early today so we could get up here just to see her pitch tonight so I`m hoping she`s going to be on the mound,” said Kyle Mace who came up from Dover, Delaware.

“Phillies fan and Eagles fan, so got a lot of pride right now,” said Richard Schmidt from Northampton. “I’m happy to see a girl going at it.”

With a team from Pennsylvania in the series, Little League officials estimated a turnout of roughly 32,000 people.

“I think it draws a big crowd. I was here a couple years ago when we had another local team and we saw the support that that brought from the local area so it`s the same thing from Philadelphia,” said Gwen Petrella from Williamsport.

“180 miles, three hour drive, priceless,” said Joe Bondiskey from Philadephia.

To deal with the crowds, tickets were required for stadium seating.

Folks came out early in the morning, as it was first come, first serve.

“Oh my god for two hours, over two hours, standing in line to get the tickets. We went home to get something to eat and drink and came back. We were determined not to be in the back of the line this time,” said Nicole Anderson.

“It`s very, very important because Philadelphia`s my hometown anyway, so I`m just like rooting for them extra hard now,” said Patrice Brunson from Williamsport.

Jessica Brown is the principal of Masterman School in Philadelphia; some of the Taney players are her students.

“It is unbelievable and the tone right now in the city is ecstatic,” said Brown. “The mayor is out there right now, they`re having a watch party at city hall.”

In the end the Taney Dragons lost to the team from Las Vegas 8-1. The Pennsylvania team will take on the team from Chicago at 7:30 p.m. Thursday.

Tickets will again be required for stadium seating.

People Make Sacrifices to Come to the LLWS

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SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT-It’s pretty easy for folks from Central Pennsylvania to make the trip to the Little League World Series, but not everyone is lucky to be close by.

Others travel great distances to get to south Williamsport.

Ted Dowling of Perth, Australia watched his son take batting practice at the Little League World Series Complex. He says it was a long trip to South Williamsport. The team went through four time zones.

“It’s 11,500 miles to get here. It took the kids 31 hours on the plane,” Dowling said.

Some parents say they had to take time off from work.

“I’m a nurse at the local hospital so we don’t get a lot of relief. For me to suddenly need four weeks’ holiday, with nursing shortages, I’m not sure if it’s the same way over here, they weren’t that excited,” Dowling said.

Dowling says he spent several thousand dollars on flights, hotels and meals, and even took a loan so he, his wife and their other son could be here.

Families of players on the team from mexico say they helped each other out financially, so every child’s family could come to South Williamsport.

“Every family, we spent around $6,000,” Daniel Quiroz said.

Not everybody’s sacrifices are financial. Many people say they had to make some personal sacrifices, like the manager for the New England team, whose wife is battling cancer.

“She’s battling and she’s staying on course and doing the things she needs to. She misses her young one,” David Belisle said.

Manager David Belisle says little league and a good friend surprised him by flying his wife from Rhode Island to South Williamsport.

“That was the surprise of a lifetime. She’s been back home watching her little one play and not being able to cheer him on and just watching him on the tv screen,” Belisle said.

The coaches and parents say the sacrifices are worth it because of the smiles on the kids’ faces.

Pennsylvania Team Making Its Mark

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SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT-As most of you know by now, for the first time in three years a team from Pennsylvania is in the Little League World Series. The team from Center City, Philadelphia is representing the Mid-Atlantic Region, and today some of the team spoke to Newswatch 16.

The Mid-Atlantic team is making its mark on the Little League World Series, but not only because they won both their games so far. The Taney Dragons see themselves as the home team.

“It’s awesome because they get to see us play and we’re representing Pennsylvania and hopefully bringing back a title to Philadelphia,” Zion Spearman said.

“It’s cool. I mean it’s great that we get to host the whole Little League World Series and we have so many fans. It’s amazing,” Tai Shanahan said.

Little League officials say more than 30 thousand people attended Mid-Atlantic’s Sunday night game against Southwest. These kids from Philly say they’ve never played in front of that many people before.

“It was amazing. There were so many people, it was on tv, it was a great atmosphere,” Shanahan said.

“There’s a lot of pressure on you because they want you to do well and succeed, and so you just try to do your best on the field and make them proud,” Jack Rice said.

These kids play for the Taney Youth Baseball Association in Philadelphia, and they are known as the Taney Dragons. But in South Williamsport they are known as Mid-Atlantic. Jack Rice calls playing in the Little League World Series a dream come true.

“I wanted to come here and play, and now it’s reality that I get to come here and play at Lamade Stadium,” Rice said.

The team’s female pitcher, Mo’Ne Davis is getting a lot of attention, but even she says there is no “I” in team. She says she could not do it without her teammates. Power hitter Zion Spearman sums up the Little League experience pretty well.

“It’s been an amazing time meeting new teams and playing against the best competition in the whole world,” Spearman said.

Pennsylvania’s next game is Wednesday at 7:30 and Little League officials say they expect a larger than normal crowd. Tickets are being distributed on a first-come first-serve basis at the will-call window at noon that day. All tickets are free.