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Driver Killed in Crash at Indy Kart Race

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WILLIAMSPORT — A driver was killed Saturday in a crash during an Indy kart race in Williamsport.

The coroner said James Wither III, 52, of Duboistown died after smashing into a pole at The Susquehanna 500 Mini Indy Kart Series race at Brandon Park.

The series benefits the North Central Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Red Cross.

Central Mountain vs Mount Carmel

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Central Mountain moved from District 6 back into District 4 this year, but has been greeted with a tough schedule and several losses. A win in the Silver Bowl would go a long way to making them feel more welcome.

Loyalsock vs South Williamsport

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This week 4 matchup features one of the best teams in AA against one of the best in A……Loyalsock is #9 in our countdown and South sits at #14

Montoursville vs Jersey Shore

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This District 4 clash features Our 10th ranked team, Jersey Shore, against a dangerous Montousville squad that can score big points.

Massive Turbine Arrives at Future Gas Power Plant

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CLINTON TOWNSHIP — A gas turbine as big as a house arrived at a construction site in Lycoming County Thursday.

The turbine was built in North Carolina and arrived by train at the future Panda Patriot plant near Montgomery. It weighs about 650,000 pounds and has 250,000 horsepower, according to officials.

Officials said it will power half of the Marcellus Shale gas power plant under construction.

The plant is expected to be finished by June of 2016.

Power to Save: Shredding

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OLD LYCOMING TOWNSHIP You have the power to save your identity if you shred private documents and personal papers.

Every Friday Keystone Mobile Shredding in Old Lycoming Township offers shredding for the public.

People are welcome to bring boxes of paper and medical or financial files to be shredded on site by a mobile shred truck.

It costs $5 per box.

UPDATE: Woman Killed In Lycoming County Wreck

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MUNCY CREEK TOWNSHIP — State police are investigating a deadly crash in Lycoming County.

According to troopers, a car and pickup truck collided around 3:15 p.m. at Route 405 and Griffith Road near Muncy.

Troopers said the car driven by Kyla Toboz of Williamsport hit the truck after she pulled out of a restaurant parking lot.

According to officials, Toboz, 24, was pronounced dead at the crash, killed from her injuries.

Investigators said the driver of the truck from Hughesville was not badly hurt after the crash in Lycoming County.

Some Renters Blame Marcellus Shale for Higher Housing Costs

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WILLIAMSPORT — Renters in Lycoming County say the price to rent is on the rise, now it is harder for some people living there to find safe and affordable housing.

Newswatch 16 stopped by a conference where landlords and developers were trying to find ways to fix renting issues.

Landlords and tenants agree that supply and demand is part of the reason why the price to rent a house or apartment in Lycoming County continues to go up.

Now, landlords and developers are working together to find a way to make renting more affordable to the people who live in Lycoming County.

A group of bankers, landlords, and developers listened to a presentation over lunch at Genetti’s in Williamsport Wednesday.

“Others that are from Williamsport that are only making, you know a certain amount of money a week or whatever they make, it’s a struggle for them,” said David Miller from Cogan Station.

The Lycoming County Housing Coalition put on the housing symposium, where they discussed ways to battle rising rent.

Mae-Ling Kranz is on the Regional Housing Advisory Board. She says a boom in population because of Marcellus Shale has a lot to do with the rising rent.

“It is a long term problem,” said Kranz. “The needs changed and we just weren’t able to meet those needs for the entire population that was here.”

Newswatch 16 spoke with several people who live in Williamsport. They say some of the houses are old and need to be kept up with better. It is part of the reason they think it’s becoming more expensive to rent.

“There are some run down places that need be upgraded and things like that,” said Miller.

Now, officials say rent has gotten so high some families have been forced out of their homes.

“We have a lot of individuals within our county who aren’t housed at this point and what do you do with that population?” asked Kranz.

Renters say landlords need to find a way to make renting affordable to more people who live in Lycoming County.

“It’s basically hard wherever you go because they keep raising the rent,” said Mary Musser from Williamsport.

Landlords and developers say this problem cannot be fixed overnight, the Coalition says they will continue to discuss issues.


Community Heartbroken “Love Center” Plans to Close Its Doors

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JERSEY SHORE — Families that depend on a soup kitchen and food pantry in Lycoming County will soon have to go someplace else.

Heartbroken volunteers shared a hug inside the Love Center in Jersey Shore, which is closing at the end of the week.

“Kind of this loss feeling, like what are we going to do now? How is the community going to survive?” asked Agnes Koch, the head cook.

Love Center is a soup kitchen and food pantry on Allegheny Street. The American Rescue Workers run the place. They say they do not have enough money to keep the building open. The center plans to close its doors for good at the end of the week.

“My heart breaks because I know they need this place,” said Office Manager Denise Gibbs.

In order to pay its bills, Love Center depends on donations from the community and on income from a thrift store run by the American Rescue Workers. There’s less money coming in from both sources, so the soup kitchen and the food pantry upstairs will close.

Boxes filled with food will be handed out to families in need before the pantry closes, but everything else left on the shelves will be boxed up and sent to the American Rescue Center in Williamsport.

“I think people need our support and were counting on our support,” Gibbs said.

“I`m very concerned. I`m not sure. It`s a great loss,” said Amy Hall from Jersey Shore.

The center said nearly 550 families rely on food from the pantry each month and about 100 people come for lunch at the kitchen every day that includes, Amy Hall and her son Mason.

“A lot of people in this area are depending on this and it`s their only meal of the day and their leftovers may be their dinner,” said Hall.

Love Center is unsure if a new food pantry will open in Jersey Shore, for now, the center says folks will have to travel to Williamsport or to the Salvation Army in Lock Haven for support.

New Facility to Help Nonviolent Offenders from Returning to Jail

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WILLIAMSPORT — A place that offers services to help non-violent offenders get back into society is now operating in Williamsport.

The Lycoming County Reentry Service Center is located at 330 Pine Street in the city.

It provides treatment, training, and case management for people to help them from returning to jail.