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Police: 8-Year-Old Boy Accidently Shoots Himself

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WILLIAMSPORT — An 8-year-old boy is recovering after being accidentally shot in the hand in Williamsport.

The question is: how did he get the gun and whose gun is it?

It happened Monday night in Williamsport.

Police say two boys found a gun wrapped up in a duffle bag behind their homes. They started playing with it and one of the boys ended up shooting himself in the hand.

Friends close to the victim’s family tell Newswatch 16 that whoever left the loaded gun outside could have cost a child his life.

“This could be, right now, we could be mourning a death, but right now we are praying for a child,” said a Williamsport neighbor.

The woman from Williamsport lives near where police say two boys found a .45 caliber handgun inside a duffle bag near the corner of 2nd and Locust Streets. One of those boys ended up shooting himself in the hand.

“It’s too many kids in this 600 block of 2nd Street and our kids need to be safe.”

The woman said she is friends with the victim’s family and was there when the 8-year-old boy came home with a gunshot wound.

“For it to be a loaded gun back there where our kids was, it’s not right.”

The boys tell police they thought the pistol was a BB gun. They started playing around with it and brought it closer to the sidewalk when it went off, shooting one of the boys in the hand.

“They had BB guns out now that look like real guns, so it could have been a mistake thinking it was a BB gun,” said Cynthia Latimer.

Latimer also lives on 2nd Street in Williamsport. She says her neighborhood has become a dangerous place for children who want to play outside.

“The neighbors on this block need to be more precautious of who they are bringing around, because we don’t know who is doing what or why they are doing it,” Latimer added. “There is a mother somewhere crying and as a friend of that mother, I’m crying.”

Friends of the victim say the boy is expected to be OK but may need reconstructive surgery on his hand

The other boy, a 9 year old, was not hurt.

Williamsport police say the owner of the gun is from out of the area. They are still investigating and say it’s too soon to say if charges will be filed.

Ground Breaking For Elderly Housing Project

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WILLIAMSPORT — It appears the elderly will have more access to apartments. Ground was broken today in Williamsport for a new apartment building.

Officials in Lycoming County say there is a need for affordable housing for people young and old. Today county, state, and city officials came together to announce plans to build apartments with affordable rent, especially for the elderly.

It’s an empty lot on Grove Street in Williamsport, but now that ground has been broken officials say in less than a year there will be a new apartment complex at the site.

“We are really excited to build some additional housing for the folks here,” said Mike Fisher from SEDA-COG.

City, state, and county officials announced plans to build a $6.2 million elderly housing apartment complex, paid for with state money and private investment.

It’s a way to offer affordable housing to folks who can’t keep up with rising rents.

“Marcellus Shale came into the community. We saw rents go from typically $600 to $1200 overnight,” said Fisher.

Officials say there are more than 100 people on a waiting list to get into affordable elderly housing in Williamsport. Once this project is complete, they hope to get some of those people into apartments on Grove Street.

“I think that’s a wonderful idea, yep. It helps people like that, that can’t afford it,” said Clarence Sykes from Williamsport.

Sykes was with friends at a senior center in Loyalsock. He agrees there is a need for more affordable housing.

“Two or three mornings in a row, I seen two ladies with carts sitting on a park bench wrapped in blankets. In other words I thought they had no place to go,” said Sykes.

Contractors say there will be 32 apartments available for anyone 62 and older who earn below a certain amount of money. For more information about the housing project you can call SEDA-COG at (570)-524-4491 or visit their website by clicking here.

Jersey Shore Elementary Renovated

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JERSEY SHORE — Administrators at a school in Lycoming County say their building is a step above the rest, now that renovations are complete.

Newswatch 16 got a tour of the elementary school before teachers welcome parents and students to an open house.

Students in Allison Confer’s fifth grade class work with iPads and new high-tech equipment in a brand new classroom.

“We have iPads , we have Wi-Fi. We have computers available for our students. It’s great,” Confer said.

This year about 700 students who go to Jersey Shore Elementary in Jersey Shore started the new year in a completely renovated building.

“Everything is nice and shiny. I think the students are taking more pride in our school,” Confer added.

“Basically it’s the shell of the building remains but everything else is brand new,” said director of operations Bruce Boncal.

Boncal said the school was under construction for about a year and a half. Renovations cost around $15 million.

But now some energy reducing changes will help save the school money.

“Behind the scenes there are all new electrical, plumbing, air conditioning systems.”

In the past, visitors would come through the main entrance of the building, and pass by several classrooms before making it to the main office. Now officials say the building is much safer, because the main entrance is separated from the rest of the building.

“You have to be buzzed in to come into the office first. That’s a huge difference than what we had in the past,” Boncal said.

“It’s pretty cool.”

Madison Hamilton is in fifth grade and says she loves the changes to her school.

“In third grade, we had the gym in the cafeteria in one place, but now they are in separate places, like in two different rooms,” she said.

Students have been in the new building since the beginning of the school year.

Jersey Shore Elementary’s first open house is Monday night.

Muncy vs Loyalsock

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The Lancers of Loyalsock have fallen to 2-2 against highly regarded competition, this week they get to host the Indians from Muncy.

Shikellamy vs Montoursville

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This District 4 contest sets The Shikellamy Braves up against Montoursville. Both teams are looking to make a playoff run starting tonight.

South Williamsport vs Bloomsburg

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South Williamsport has rolled off three straight wins after a week one loss, while Bloomsburg has struggled.

Williamsport Police Looking for New Officers

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WILLIAMSPORT — Officials in Lycoming County say police presence is beginning to dwindle in one city. Now, Williamsport is looking for a few good men and women to join the force.

Dozens of pictures of Williamsport’s police force hang on the walls at the police department at city hall. Recently, several officers have retired.

“We are looking for a few good people,” said Bill Hall, city council president.

Hall said the city needs more people to apply for those open positions in the department.

“It’s been difficult because of the number of steps that are required to get police applicants interviewed and then processed and certified,” said Hall.

Williamsport has budgeted for 49 officers. Right now they have 46. Hall says there are about four or five other officers who will retire soon.

“I wouldn’t say I’m low on officers, I would say I’m low on the recruitment list to replace those officers,” said Hall.

Officials say once someone is hired they will have to go through about five months of training before they can actually start working in Williamsport. That’s why they are asking people to start applying now.

“If they had more police officers it would cut it to a minimum,” said Susan Rowles.

Susan Rowles lives in Williamsport. She’s not surprised the city is not getting a lot of applications.

“Their lives are on the line. They are not giving enough of something,” said Rowles.

Police Captain Michael Orwig says the city is considering ways to help potential officers pay for training.

“I don’t know if the job isn’t as appealing as it used to be,” said Captain Orwig.

“It takes someone with patience. It takes someone with wisdom. It takes someone who can deal with tough situations,” said Hall.

Folks who would like to apply to the Williamsport Police force can pick up an application at city hall or download one online.



Prison Sentence for Williamsport Homicide Suspect

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WILLIAMSPORT — One of the two men accused of a homicide in Williamsport was sentenced Wednesday.

Qu Mar Moore was sentenced to 15 to 30 years in prison.

Authorities said Moore and Raymarr Alford shot and killed Kevan Connelly after an argument on the basketball courts in Flanigan Park in 2012.

Alford is scheduled to be sentenced in November.

Driver Killed in Crash at Indy Kart Race

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WILLIAMSPORT — A driver was killed Saturday in a crash during an Indy kart race in Williamsport.

The coroner said James Wither III, 52, of Duboistown died after smashing into a pole at The Susquehanna 500 Mini Indy Kart Series race at Brandon Park.

The series benefits the North Central Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Red Cross.

Central Mountain vs Mount Carmel

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Central Mountain moved from District 6 back into District 4 this year, but has been greeted with a tough schedule and several losses. A win in the Silver Bowl would go a long way to making them feel more welcome.