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Heroin laced with fentanyl kills 2 drug counselors, DA says

A suburban Philadelphia offkicial issues a warning to addicts.

Two counselors at a drug treatment facility in suburban Philadelphia died this week from overdoses of heroin l…

Alleged cop biter to officer: ‘Yeah, I bit you!’

The woman reportedly told an officer, ‘You’re not arresting me’ before she was, in fact, arrested.

A woman allegedly scuffled with Bethlehem police officers trying to arrest her, eventually biting one officer on the leg.

After the biting, Lindsay Mantz said, “Yeah, I bit you,” and spit in the officer’s face, police said.

The 31-year-old Mantz, of the 300 block of Penn Street in Allentown, is charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. She was sent to Lehigh County Jail in lieu of $25,000 bail.

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Bethlehem police said officers dealt with Mantz earlier on Tuesday night, and were called again at 9:45 p.m. for a report of Mantz and a man fighting.

Mantz was walking near Liberty Street and Eighth Avenue, and was yelling and cursing, including multiple times at an officer, police said.

Earlier in the evening, Mantz had a dispute with her father and was supposed to be walking to her home in Allentown, according to police. Instead, Mantz tried going back to her father’s residence.

Mantz repeatedly refused to follow an officer’s commands and, when he went to arrest her for disorderly conduct, reportedly said, “You’re not arresting me.”

It took two officers to handcuff Mantz, and during the scuffle she bit officer Paul Ramsden in the thigh, police said.

It took three officers to get her into a police cruiser, police said.

The bite broke Ramsden’s skin and left a bruise, police said. The officer sought treatment at St. Luke’s University Hospital in Fountain Hill.

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Easton Area School Board authorizes $120M in debt

The school board approved a borrowing plan, the 2017-18 budget and the Easton Area Public Library budget

The Easton Area School Board authorized administrators Tuesday to bo…

Police want to know if you recognize these razor thieves

The crime happened on Saturday morning.

Apparently the TV commercials are right. Razors are valuable.
Palmer Township police are looking for information on two men who polic…

3-vehicle wreck on Rt. 22 West in Pa. shuts lane

One injury is reported.

A three-vehicle crash Tuesday morning on Route 22 West in Palmer Township shut the right lane, authorities say.
One injury was reported in the w…

Motorcyclist high on meth during East Allen Twp. crash, cops say

The driver was injured in the crash and taken to an area hospital, police said.

Joseph MocniakCourtesy photo 
An Allentown man used methamphetamine about an hour prior …

Allentown police fatally shoot gun-wielding robber after chase, cops say

The robbery occurred shortly after 8 a.m. Sunday.

A man who robbed Whitehall Pharmacy and shot the clerk Sunday morning later was killed in a shooting by Allentown officers, city…

Road rage leads to charges against driver in Wawa parking lot

The teen driver began arguing with another driver in the parking lot, police said.

A teen driver is charged following a road rage incident in the parking lot of a Lehigh County c…

Effort afoot to trap and relocate elusive Minsi Lake turtles

A state operation seeks to relocate redbelly turtles, a ‘threatened’ species in Pennsylvania.

Redbelly turtles and other species will be finding new homes as Minsi Lake is drained this month for a dam replacement.

Last year, the state released $25.7 million in capital budget funding to repair five “high-hazard, unsafe dams,” including Minsi Lake in Upper Mount Bethel Township. The job is estimated to cost $4 million.

The 117-acre lake is home to a variety of aquatic plant and animal species, including redbelly turtles — also known as red-bellied turtles or red-bellied cooters. They’re on the threatened species list in Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission is overseeing the project. Commission biologist Chris Urban said this is the largest recovery and relocation of turtles attempted in Pennsylvania that he is aware of.

For the last 30 days, several floating hoop traps have been placed across the surface of the lake to capture the redbellies in baited nets. Though, all turtle species that are caught will be relocated.

minsi lake turtle trapFloating hoop traps, like the one seen here in May 2017, are part of an attempt to capture and relocate redbelly turtles on Minsi Lake in Upper Mount Bethel Township.John Best | contributor 

Turtles will be relocated to either East Bangor Lake, ponds on the Upper Mount Bethel Township Eastern Industries property or wetlands along Martins Creek.

As the water level gets very low, the state will perform a fish salvage and relocate the fish to Brady’s Lake in Monroe County.

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, redbelly turtles are the state’s third-largest turtle. They can grow up to 15 inches and weigh up to 15 pounds.

Catching the shy redbelly can be difficult. Urban said traps are checked daily or every other day. So far, traps have caught 150 turtles — mostly snapping, painted and eastern musk turtles — but only one redbelly, he said.

Protecting the diminishing population in Pennsylvania is one of the purposes of the program. The elusive nature of the redbelly also makes studying them difficult, according to Urban.

“We’re trying to keep them alive, keep them going and not dip into endangerment status,” Urban said.

Officials have previously said the draining process involves water being released gradually into the East Branch of Martins Creek through controls on the existing dam.

As of May 19, the lake appeared to be down several feet from its normal water level and one can walk on the shallower edges that are typically under water. Officials said they expect the lake to be drained completely by the first week of June.

The construction phase is scheduled to start later this summer and last through 2018. The lake is expected to refill naturally through precipitation and be open again for public use in spring 2019. Stocked trout fishing is expected to return to the popular fishing and boating destination in 2019.

There will be an attempt to catch turtles from their relocated spots and place them back in the lake. Urban noted that turtles and other species will likely find their way back to the lake on their own.

“I don’t know how they know to come back, but they come back,” Urban said.

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