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Downed Power Lines Cause Blackout, Delays in Deliveries

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TAYLOR — A dump truck accident in Lackawanna County cut power to many homes and businesses in Taylor on Friday.  It’s also tying up the day for dozens of truckers making deliveries in the borough.

According to PPL, there are more than 2,500 homes and businesses in Taylor that are without power.  The downed power lines are on the main road that cuts through the Stauffer Industrial Park. A Lackawanna County dump truck drove through with the bed up and hit the wires.

On the other side of the road, about a dozen tractor-trailers have been sitting and waiting for about two hours.  Some only a few hundred feet away from the places where they were set to make their deliveries Friday morning. Many other tractor-trailers have turned around and headed to other deliveries.

County workers were doing pothole patching in the industrial park Friday morning. No one was hurt when the dump truck hit the power and telephone lines.

PPL immediately shut off power to the wires. No word yet on how long it will take for it to be fixed and when power will be restored to the 2,500 homes and businesses that are dark right now.

Scranton Knights Team #14

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Scranton won seven games last season and with seven starters back on offense and eight more on defense, they should surpass their total from last season.   Scott Gorton takes over at Quarterback, and he will have some speedy receivers to throw to like Ramon Fields.  But, this team goes as Running Back Jake McCarthy goes.   A couple of lineman need to step in and give Jake some room to bake.

Scranton Man Headed to Prison for Child Sex Abuse

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SCRANTON — A man is going to prison for sexually abusing a six-year-old girl.

A judge sentenced John Ward Jr., 22, of Scranton Wednesday after he pleaded guilty in April to charges related to the molestation.

Ward was sentenced to 10 to 25 years behind bars. He must also register as a sex offender.

When is the Best Time to Get Your Flu Shot?

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SCRANTON — Signs outside Rite-Aid in downtown Scranton urge passers-by to get their flu shot now.

In the middle of August?

Pharmacists told Newswatch 16 they are pushing the flu shot earlier this year. And the evidence is outside nearly every big box pharmacy.

Thanks in part to the heavy advertising, Stanley Grace of Scranton has decided to get early flu shots for his wife who is sick and for his kindergarten-bound granddaughter.

“Hopefully she’ll get her flu shot as soon as she’s better,” Grace said.

Physicians and pharmacists have different opinions on whether to get their flu shot this early in the year.

Geisinger Physician’s Assistant Dr. Marie Bonavoglia tells her patients to wait a few months since the flu vaccine only lasts for so long.

“October is probably the best, because you normally only get three months of coverage and I’d like patients to get coverage through the whole flu season,” Dr. Bonavoglia said.

Some pharmacists call the flood of flu shot signage in August more of a business tactic than sound medical advice.

“It’s kind of like political season. It looks like the chains, one beats the other one by getting the signs out first and they drum up more business by advertising the flu shot,” said Tom DePietro, who owns DePietro’s Pharmacy in Dunmore.

DePietro said he does have the vaccine in stock and his customers have been feeling the rush.

But he, too, has an opinion about when is best.

“Toward the end of this month and as the weather breaks come September, that’s when I recommend my customers to get the flu shot,” DePietro said.

Even though there are differing opinions, they all agree the most important thing is that if you get a flu shot, early or late, you’re still protected.

Back to School Apps

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When it comes to getting kids back on track for school, there are some apps out there that could help them bring back the focus after summer break.

For some high tech apps to help stop the brain drain after summer break, check out PBS Kids and the Brainzy Math and Reading Program.

For support for teachers, parents and students, check out the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s website here.

Jail Time for Elder Abuse Caught on Camera

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SCRANTON — Carolyn James installed web cameras in her home in Dickson City so she could watch her 96-year-old mom when she was at work.

Those same cameras helped put James in jail.

Last year, a man in Chicago saw a live feed of the web cam and sent a 72 second clip to police in Lackawanna County. James was seen beating her mother who has Alzheimer’s Disease.

“It was horrific. I know everyone in my office who has seen it had the same reaction. I don’t know of anyone who could look at that video and think differently. But yes, I think that had an impact on the sentence,” said Assistant District Attorney Suzy Tierney.

A judge sentenced James to at least one month behind bars. Her mother, who is now 97, has been in a nursing home since James’ arrest in April of 2013.

“To see somebody in Stage 4 Alzheimer’s that can’t defend themselves. And to see what she did on that video. It just broke my heart. It just truly broke my heart,” said Paula Yale of the Area Agency on Aging. “Today’s sentencing is the best thing that could have happened because it’s going to send a message to other people. If you think you can beat your elderly relatives this is what is going to happen to you.”

In court, James took responsibility, but said what was seen on her web cam last year was a one time thing. James called the assault an “insistent” attempt to changer her mother’s clothes.

“All of the medical evidence and all of the facts show that Carolyn gave great care to her mother other than this one tiny episode,” added James’ defense attorney Chris Caputo.

The judge sentenced Carolyn James to one to 24 months at that Lackawanna County Prison. She was also ordered to serve 300 hours of community service to help the elderly.

Good Morning PA

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St. Stanislaus PNCC Block Party, August 22 & 23, 5pm-10pm, Scranton, Lackawanna County

PSU Worthington Scranton Closed due to Water Main Issue

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DUNMORE — A university is closed after a water main issue in Lackawanna County.

Officials with Penn State Worthington Scranton said the campus  is closed Tuesday, August 19th.

Authorities said the closure is due to a water main break and will be closed all day.

Campus officials said the university will reopen on Wednesday, August 20th in Lackawanna County.

Volunteers “Paint the Town” in Scranton

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SCRANTON–Volunteers came together to “paint the town” in Lackawanna County today.

“Paint the Town” is a program put together by the NeighborWorks Northeastern Pennsylvania (NWNEPA) organization and Habitat for Humanity of Lackawanna County.

Volunteers spent Sunday painting the homes of the elderly and disabled in the Hill Section of Scranton today.

All the work was done at no cost to the homeowners.

The volunteers worked on painting both the inside and outside of the homes. Yards were also spruced up as well.

Funding a Fight Against Scranton’s Commuter Tax

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SCRANTON– When Mayfield mayor Alexander Chelik thinks about Scranton’s impending commuter tax, he sees red.

Now he is doing everything he can to stop it.

Chelik says, “Our strategy is to immediately go to court and stop the commuter tax. That is it.”

He says just like the founding fathers, he believes this is taxation without representation. He says elected officials are taxing people who did not put them in office.

Mayfield’s mayor wants people who live here and in other communities to chip in 10 dollars to fight the tax in court.

“There is 22,566 commuters we are asking each of them to donate at least 10 dollars, that would give us at least a war chest of over 200 thousand dollars,” Chelik says.

In 2012, Chelik was part of a successful effort to stop a similar tax.

While this legal situation is not exactly the same, he says, “We feel there have been procedural errors made in the adoption of the plan.”

Folks at a community garage sale in Mayfield had mixed about the Scranton commuter tax and whether they would be chipping in to the mayor’s fund.

“Anything we can do to fight not to have more taxes is worth fighting” said Nancy Wallace of Lenoxville.

State representative Marty Flynn has constituents inside and outside of Scranton, and says the situation is not similar to the Boston Tea Party, since legislators from the whole state passed a law permitting cities to levy commuter taxes.

Flynn says, “If Scranton fails, the whole region fails. So that is my selling point, we need help, and I think it is a good idea for cities to kick in commuter taxes.”

Scranton leaders enacted the tax on commuters in an effort to bail out the city’s finances, especially the pension plan.

Chelik says he has been getting the word out through social media and has collected 500 dollars so far.

Scranton City Council President Bob McGoff told Newswatch 16 that he is not surprised by this turn of events, but he expects that the city would vigorously defend the tax if a court case would go forward.