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Lakeland vs Nanticoke

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Lakeland has been the epitome of “the Cardiac Kids” this year, while Nanticoke has had its ups and downs.

Riverside vs Hanover Area

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Hanover lost a heartbreaker last week and will be looking to mend that pain against the Vikings.

Old Forge vs Lake-Lehman

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The Blue Devils played their first 3 games at home, winning all of them, the Knights will test their road skills considerably.

Football Game Moved Due to Safety Concerns

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CARBONDALE — It’s been one week since a shooting at the state police barracks in Blooming Grove left a state police corporal dead and sent a fellow trooper to the hospital with critical injuries. State police say Eric Frein fired those shots, but Frein is nowhere to be found.

The search for Frein kept several schools in the Poconos closed again Friday. Other districts also chose to move and reschedule football games.

The Wayne Highlands School District had a football game scheduled Friday night in Honesdale, but because of safety concerns the game was moved to Carbondale.

“You see we`re on the local, national, world news now. I wish it was something for a little brighter than this,” said Honesdale teacher Joe Arnone.

The search for Frein has prompted school districts like Wayne Highlands to keep all of its school activities indoors. Even the football team has had to practice inside.

“We had to practice inside not being able to go outside was a bit of an inconvenience, but our guys were mature about the situation,” said head coach Jim Ludwig.

The football team was originally supposed to play at home, but that game was moved to Carbondale, a place a little further away from a massive manhunt in the Poconos.

“It’s been extremely scary. Our entire school is very paranoid and it`s just very chaotic,” said Honesdale student Rylee Pahls.

Even though Honesdale’s game had to be moved to Carbondale to play, people who came out to the game said they`re happy the school district is at least keeping student safety as a top priority.

“I think it was a safer decision, but we`re all still kind of nervous and paranoid. Our whole school is. But I thought it was a good idea to keep the game on,” said Honesdale student Lauren Krol.

As the search for Frien continues, many have one thing on their mind about the whole situation.

“My heart goes out to the family of the victim and just hopefully justice is served.”

Follow our complete coverage here.

Mike Strong Resigns at University of Scranton

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After 34 seasons and 815 victories Mike Strong will step down as the University of Scranton Women’s Basketball Coach effective Friday September 19.   The 70 year old Strong sited health concerns as the reason for his resignation.  Strong led Scranton to nine Final Four Appearances.  (One with the AIW, the other eight with the NCAA).  His 1985 team won the NCAA D-3 National Championship.  Strong talked about leaving his mark, while leaving behind a team that went 26-4 last season.

Thousands of ‘Brothers’ Attend Cpl. Dickson’s Funeral

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SCRANTON — Brotherhood was a word we heard a lot as the reason why some police officers traveled across the country to be here in Scranton for Corporal Bryon Dickson’s funeral mass.

And while they were there remembering Cpl. Dickson, many of them had their minds on the troopers still working to find the alleged shooter.

There were no words. The sights and sounds said it all as Corporal Bryon Dickson’s flag-draped casket approached the doors of St. Peter’s Cathedral in downtown Scranton: the tolling of church bells, followed by snare drums and bagpipes, and the sea of blues, grays, and greens that stood watch.

Troopers and police — or as they called themselves, brothers and sisters of Cpl. Dickson — came from as far away as Alaska and New Mexico.

“Obviously, we mourn and grieve with the family and we’re very sorry for their loss. It’s a great honor to see that this man would be willing to give his life for his people. And we’re honored to be a part of that,” said Agent Jeremy Vaughn, New Mexico State Police.

“The length of travel means nothing. I’ve seen troopers from across the country. It’s amazing how we all stick together as one family,” said Lt. Eric Lariviere, Rhode Island State Police.

When the Dickson family, the corporal’s wife and young sons, left the cathedral they were met by 2,600 father and mother figures.

Protecting the people Cpl. Dickson left behind is now one of their most personal and important duties.

Cpl. Dickson was shot and killed Friday night outside the state police barracks in Pike County. His alleged killer is still on the loose.

While they mourned, the men and women who put on the same uniform and do the same job that Dickson did asked “why?”

“I asked myself what was the motive. Not understanding the motive, and the fact that the suspect is still on the loose. It’s an unsettled feeling inside as to why it occurred and whether the suspect is going to strike again,” said Sgt. Joe Wigfall, Florida State Highway Patrol.

Security was high on Wyoming Avenue during the service. Spotters with binoculars and bullet proof vests were stationed on top of downtown buildings.

As Cpl. Dickson made his final trip from St. Peter’s Cathedral, the other troopers were reminded of why they made the trip: to pay tribute to him and that their journey is far from over.

A Final Farewell At Cpl. Bryon Dickson’s Burial

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DUNMORE — After his funeral mass in downtown Scranton, a procession carried Corporal Bryon Dickson to the community where he lived with his wife and boys.

We were invited to be at Dunmore Cemetery for the final send off and burial of the fallen trooper.

In a cemetery so silent and so peaceful, only the sound of horse hoofs could be heard as the state police guided their brother in law enforcement, Corporal Bryon Dickson to his final resting place.

It was the sound of bagpipes that pierced that silence, announcing to all that a hero had arrived.

Dummore is the community where Cpl. Dickson and his family called home. This cemetery is where his flag-draped casket was brought to rest in peace.

In a day filled with symbolism in sound and image, his wife and sons followed their husband and father for one more goodbye.

“We commit his body to the ground; earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust.”

There were graveside prayers as family friends and fellow troopers stood watch.

Then the state police had their send off for one of their own.

From a gun salute that echoed across the grounds, to the roar of state police helicopters that flew in tribute, to the sound of taps playing for the state trooper and U.S. Marine, this was a sendoff with full honors, including the presentation of the flag of a grateful nation to Cpl. Dickson’s parents.

And a thank you from a grateful state to his wife and boys; a presentation to them as they now deal with the sacrifice of a man dedicated to serving others.

While this burial was only open to those close to Cpl. Dickson, others felt they had to be at the cemetery’s gate in his honor.

“I just had to be here for all the state police, for everyone, for all the families,” said Ann Gronski.

Gronski is part of that state police family. Her son served with Cpl. Dickson at Blooming Grove.

“It’s just devastating for a few days. I just felt sick, because you’re one of them.”

“It’s amazing how they pull together, not only Pennsylvania troopers here, but troopers from across the country,” said Bob Winters, father of a state trooper.

But it was only those troopers who served close to Cpl. Dickson who had the final salute, the final farewell.

At the cemetery, we also heard Cpl. Dickson’s final call on the police radio as he was dispatched to his final call.

Funeral Guests Describe Solemn Scene

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SCRANTON — The funeral today in Scranton was closed to a few hundred guests; troopers, political leaders, and family and friends of Corporal Bryon Dickson

More than 3,000 people listened to the service from outside St. Peter’s Cathedral.

Guests at the funeral who were both inside and outside said they felt two things: pain and sadness for Corporal Bryon Dickson’s family, and anxiety over the continuing manhunt for his alleged killer.

Church bells pierced the air on Wyoming Avenue. The sound of snare drums and bagpipes bounced off buildings in downtown Scranton. But the crowd of more than 3,000 who waited for Cpl. Dickson’s arrival was silent.

The funeral mass drew police from all over the country and political dignitaries.

Governor Corbett was there, but, when Cpl. Dickson’s flag-draped casket was carried into St. Peter’s Cathedral, people from all walks of life, even the cathedral’s everyday usher, felt the same thing.

“There’s no word to put on something like this. Other than magnificent, I think, that’s just me. And camaraderie between all our first responders,” said Joan Narcoonis.

2,600 troopers and police officers stood outside the funeral mass. Some came from as far away as Alaska and Minnesota. Though their job was to stand at attention and watch over the mourners, some couldn’t help but bow their heads in sadness.

“It’s a brotherhood that we all share. Pennsylvania sent troopers to Florida when we lost one, so we tend to reciprocate,” said Sgt. Joe Wigfall, Florida State Highway Patrol.

Cpl. Dickson was shot and killed outside the state police barracks in Pike County Friday night. His alleged killer is still on the loose.

Many troopers from the Blooming Grove barracks couldn’t attend the funeral.

“All throughout the ceremony, I noticed certain faces missing. And I know that they’re working, I know that they’re in the woods, I know that they’re doing their best to bring justice. But that’s their job, and as the trooper said, it’s who we are,” said Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane.

An ever-present reminder that though Cpl. Dickson’s watch is over his brother and sister troopers still have work to do.

“I really hope they get this guy and bring him to justice, because this is not right. We shouldn’t have to gather like this in such sorrow,” Kane added.

In his remarks at the funeral, state police commissioner Frank Noonan said that Corporal Bryon Dickson was the 95th Pennsylvania State Trooper to be killed in the line of duty.

More From The Funeral For Cpl. Dickson

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SCRANTON — For about 90 minutes, it seemed like all of northeastern and central Pennsylvania stood still.

“We gather here in sorrow and disbelief, and anger. But most importantly, we gather here in faith,” said Rev. Thomas Muldowney, state police chaplain.

And gather they did; friends, family, and police officers by the thousands.

Those who couldn’t fit inside St. Peter’s Cathedral in downtown Scranton listened to the solemn service outside the church on Wyoming Avenue.

They heard about a dedicated father and husband and a selfless public servant, cut down at age 38 in the most unimaginable way.

“The greatest disservice we can do for Bryon is only focus on his death. We need to focus on the life that he lived, the gift that was given to us. We need to honor and cherish and remember for the rest of our lives.”

Corporal Bryon Dickson leaves behind a wife and two children.

One of the most poignant moments of the mass was when one of his sons put on a state trooper hat, just like the one his father was wearing on the day he died.

“I promise you that we will take care of Tiffany and the boys, as you have perfectly taken care of them throughout your life,” said Cpl. Derek Felsman, Pennsylvania State Police.

And from there, Cpl. Dickson made his final journey to Dunmore Cemetery.

Those gathered to say goodbye were reminded one final time why they were here.

“You can shed tears because he is gone, or you can smile because he lived,” said Fr. Muldowney, quoting an anonymous author. “You can close your eyes and pray that he comes back, or you can open your eyes and see all that he has left.”

Funeral Mass For Corporal Bryon Dickson

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SCRANTON – Family, friends, and members of the Pennsylvania State Police gathered to honor their fallen comrade, killed almost a week ago during an ambush at the state police barracks in Pike County.

It was a solemn day for the Pennsylvania State Police and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Hundreds gathered in Scranton to say goodbye to Corporal Bryon Dickson.

Corporal Bryon Dickson was killed Friday in an ambush at the state police barracks in Pike County. Trooper Alex Douglass remains in the hospital after that attack.

Those who attended the funeral at St. Peter’s Cathedral on Wyoming Avenue were there to celebrate a life while having so many questions as the shooter responsible for Cpl. Dickson’s death is still on the loose.

Law enforcement officers from all over the country lined Wyoming Avenue before the service.

Security at the cathedral was heavy, with officers in helicopters and on rooftops nearby.

One of Cpl. Dickson’s sons wore a state police hat inside the cathedral during the funeral mass.

We learned more about Cpl. Dickson during the funeral. He was a man who loved woodworking and making toys for his two young sons.

He met his wife Tiffany at Penn State Worthington Scranton campus and just celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary.

Fr. Thomas Muldowney, citing Pope Francis, urged Cpl. Dickson’s family, friends and coworkers to remain steadfast in faith.

“Although our hearts today are heavy with grief, may we celebrate a life well-lived and find peace as we remember the many happy and special times that we shared with our fellow brother. May we believe that he is in a place where he will continue to watch over us as we move forward.”

An officer from Florida told us what it meant for him to be there and why he came.

“The first feeling was the response to his family. He lost loved ones. And then I asked myself what was the motive. Not understanding the motive, and the fact that the suspect is still on the loose, there’s and unsettled feeling inside as to why it occurred and whether the suspect is going to strike again,” said Trooper Joe Wigfall, Florida Highway Patrol.

Corporal Bryon Dickson will be laid to rest in Dunmore Cemetery.