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Murderer who stabbed man 9 times gets 40 years in prison

Daniel Lawrence is guilty of the 2014 slaying in Warren County.

Daniel Lawrence will spend at least three decades behind bars, his punishment for fatally stabbing a man…

‘Justice was served’: Jury rejects murderer’s self-defense claim at trial

Daniel Lawrence was convicted of murder after only a few hours of deliberations.

The verdict came as a shock to some in the courtroom.
After only four hours — including an hourl…

Daniel Lawrence guilty of murder for 2014 N.J. stabbing

Daniel Lawrence was accused of fatally stabbing a man in 2014 outside a Warren County home.

UPDATE: Reactions to the murder conviction

Arguments of self-defense were not en…

Recap: Day 2 of testimony on 2014 Washington homicide

Jurors heard from the suspect’s ex and watched his police interrogation.

Jurors saw the stab wounds that killed a man, heard from the suspect’s ex-girlfriend and watched a police interview on the second day of testimony in the trial of Daniel Lawrence.

The 29-year-old is accused of killing 30-year-old Warren Moore, of Jersey City, outside a Washington home on Sept. 2, 2014. 

The prosecution says the death arose out of jealousy; the defense says Lawrence killed Moore in a case of self-defense. Proceedings are expected to continue Wednesday morning.

A summary of Tuesday’s testimony:

The autopsy: Moore, a 5-foot-11-inch-tall, 165-pound man nicknamed “Juice,” died of nine stab wounds to his front, side and back. The defense also established that Moore had evidence of alcohol, PCP and methamphetamine in his blood and no defensive wounds on his hands.

Warren MooreWarren Moore, 30, of Jersey City, is seen in an undated photo. (NJ Advance Media file photo)

The ex-girlfriend: Melissa Woody, who at times dated both Lawrence and Moore, was called by the prosecution to describe the day that Moore died. He had come to her home to pick up a bag of his, but Lawrence was there and what started as a verbal dispute became physical, she said. Woody told of having to pull Lawrence off of Moore at one point, but did not directly witness the stabbing.

The defense questioned why, in the days after the homicide, she told the the state Department of Child Protection & Permanency that Moore was the aggressor. She said she was trying at the time to protect Lawrence and that DCP&P’s records of her statements were inaccurate.

RECAP: Day 1 of testimony

The interview: Jurors watched a recording of Lawrence’s hourlong interview with investigators at the Washington Township Police Department, which took place hours after the stabbing. In it, Lawrence said that he was woken by Woody and tried to help the wounded Moore, whom Lawrence said he did not know. Officers challenged his statement when they said Woody told them Lawrence and Moore had fought.

Lawrence was not a suspect during the interview, Detective Walter Koch testified. The defense asked why Lawrence was still detained and arrested that night. Koch said that was done as officers consolidated information.

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3 Warren County homicide cases that could be resolved this year

The cases date back to 2013 and ’14.

The wheels of justice continue turning in Warren County.

There are three homicide cases, the oldest dating back to 2013 and ’14, that could be resolved this year. Here’s where they stand, according to prosecutors.


Salim Newton murder trial begins in Warren CountySalim Newton listens in Warren County court on Oct. 24, 2016. (Tim Wynkoop | contributor) 

The case: The 30-year-old is accused in the September 2013 shooting death of 22-year-old Melissa Williams, the mother of his child, in her Phillipsburg home. Newton was arrested about a month later in Virginia.

Status: A trial date is to be determined at a Feb. 16 hearing. A trial was started in November, but halted when Newton changed attorneys.


Ralph AtkinsonRalph A. Atkinson, of Knowlton Township, is accused of killing his girlfriend in 2014. (Courtesy photo) 

The case: The 41-year-old from Knowlton Township is charged in two separate cases. In the first, he is accused of killing his girlfriend, 45-year-old Margaret Graf-White, with a knife and hammer in May 2014 at the woman’s West Stewart Street home in Washington. In the second, he is accused of recording sex acts with a child between 2012 and 2014.

Status: Atkinson has claimed to be mentally unfit to stand trial. The state is verifying the claim and a hearing is scheduled Feb. 23. If he were to face a jury, prosecutors have said the cases would be tried separately.


Daniel LawrenceDaniel J. Lawrence, of Washington, is charged with fatally stabbing a man in 2014. (Courtesy photo) 

The case: The 29-year-old from Washington is accused of fatally stabbing 30-year-old Warren Moore, of Jersey City, with a 3-inch folding knife during a confrontation in September 2014 outside Lawrence’s East Washington Avenue home.

Status: A May 1 trial has been scheduled.

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7 major Warren County criminal cases and where they stand

An ex-sheriff’s retrial on child sex assault charges and two separate murder cases are on the docket.

One murder trial has wrapped up, but at least two more homicide cases are among those waiting on the docket in Warren County.

Here’s a rundown on some major cases and where they stand.

1. Andy Torres

On Oct. 29, the 26-year-old from Allentown was acquitted of first-degree murder, but convicted of felony murder and armed robbery for the 2012 death of a Phillipsburg gas station attendant. In a separate bench trial Monday, Torres was also convicted of a related weapon offense. He is due to be sentenced on all charges Jan. 22 and faces 30 years to life in prison.

MORE: Reaction to Andy Torres’ felony murder conviction

2 and 3. Alexis and Zachary Flowers

The siblings from Allentown allegedly participated in the 2012 robbery with Torres. Their guilty pleas to lesser charges are to be vacated after they refused to testify against him. The Warren County Prosecutor’s Office plans to send their cases to a grand jury after deciding how to charge them. If they are again accused of felony murder, they, too, could face 30 years to life in prison.

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4. Edward Bullock

A Hunterdon County jury in July heard the case against the former Warren County sheriff accused of sexually assaulting a child 30 years ago, but could not reach a verdict. It was announced in September that the 86-year-old will be retried, and a February trial is tentatively planned. That could change as the assignment judge decides if the case should be returned to Warren County as the prosecution has requested.

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5. Donald Jessamine

 The Phillipsburg resident is accused of drunkenly driving a boat into rocks in June 2012 on the Delaware River in Harmony Township, killing Lane Alden, 57. Jessamine’s trial had been scheduled to begin this month but was postponed in favor of another criminal trial with the same defense attorney. It is now scheduled to begin March 7.

6. Daniel Lawrence

Daniel Lawrence allegedly killed 30-year-old Warren Moore, of Jersey City, N.J., in a stabbing outside Lawrence’s Washington home. He was indicted in February. No trial date has been set, but a status hearing is planned in December.

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7. Ralph Atkinson

Ralph A. Atkinson, 39, of Knowlton Township, was indicted in June on murder and other charges in the death of his girlfriend, 45-year-old Margaret Graf-White, in Washington. A trial date has not been set, but a December status hearing is scheduled. Atkinson also faces separate charges of aggravated sexual assault of a child and related counts.

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6 major Warren County court cases and where they stand

Last month, we profiled the statuses of five major Warren County criminal cases. Here’s an update on where these — plus one more — stand.

5 major Warren County court cases and where they stand

A 2009 prescription drug ring. A 2012 robbery-turned-homicide. A deadly 2012 boating accident. Just a few months ago, these longstanding Warren County criminal cases were scheduled to essentially be wrapped u…