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More tests needed in deadly Route 22 crash, coroner says

The 60-year-old Coplay man was pronounced dead at the scene of the one-vehicle crash.

More testing will be needed to determine the case of death for a 60-year-old Lehigh County m…

District court cases still on, office open after judge’s death

Senior judges will preside over court hearings in late District Judge Robert Halal’s court.

The offices of late Lehigh County District Judge Robert Halal are open and cases will go on as scheduled, county officials said.

The 52-year-old Halal was found dead Monday in his Whitehall Township home on Monday, and the coroner ruled the death a suicide.

In a news release, county officials said some hearings this week needed to be rescheduled, but that Halal’s office remains open. Residents can file new cases and defendants should continue making payments on fines and costs.

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Senior magisterial district judges will be assigned on a rotating schedule to preside over hearings, according to the release. Starting Monday, senior magisterial District Judge Patricia Warmkessel will preside over the court.

Halal was district judge for Whitehall and Coplay since 2007, and was re-elected to a six-year term in 2013.

The office will remain vacant, unless a replacement is appointed by the governor. If no replacement is appointed, the seat will be filled in the 2019 election.

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Intoxicated man repeatedly calls 911 just to chat, troopers say

After 6 calls, a trooper went to the man’s house. A minute after the trooper left, the man allegedly called 911 again.

Pennsylvania State Police said an intoxicated man repeatedly called 911, not because of an emergency, but to chat.

Larry Allan Keiser first called at about 10:30 Friday night, requesting to speak with an officer, troopers said.

“Keiser indicated that he had no emergency and that he just wanted to speak with a police officer,” troopers said.

The 51-year-old Keiser called back five more times, all without an emergency to report, troopers said.

A little after midnight, a trooper went to Keiser’s address in the 1600 block of Clearview Road in North Whitehall Township, and found him standing in the driveway.

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Keiser, who smelled like he had been drinking, admitted being the caller, troopers said.

Keiser reportedly said he drank several beers because he was upset about a family situation. Asked if he would like an ambulance, Keiser said, “F— no.”

Keiser was told not to call 911 unless there was an emergency, and he reportedly agreed he would not call again and was going to sleep.

The trooper left at 12:12 a.m. At 12:13 a.m., Keiser called 911 again, troopers said.

Keiser was arrested and charged with intentionally calling 911 for other than emergency purposes, disorderly conduct and harassment. He is free after posting $5,000 bail on Saturday.

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See why Penn State star’s father is suing bus company

Alibay Barkley said he was wrongly arrested on a LANTA bus due to his race.

The father of Penn State star football player Saquon Barkley claims he was wrongly accused of not…

Doggone it! Allentown leads Valley for most mail carriers bitten in 2016

But the tally is nothing to write home about when compared to other cities.

More mail carriers were bitten by dogs in Allentown than anywhere else in the Lehigh Valley last …

Last-minute Fastnacht Finder: Where to go on Fastnacht Day 2017

Forgot to order in advance? No problem.

The best way to make sure you’re stocked up for Fastnacht Day is to order in advance. 
But it’s getting a little late for that….

$80K in drugs, $42K in cash confiscated, Lehigh DA says

He faces numerous charges after searches of him, his car and his home, the district attorney’s office says.

Coplay man who had nearly $80,000 in illegal drugs, more than $40,000 in cash and four handguns faces numerous charges, the Lehigh County District Attorney’s Office reports.

Michael Louis Frasier, 27, of the 100 block of Front Street, was picked up Friday on a state parole violation, the district attorney’s office said in a news release.

Due to drugs he was carrying, he was arraigned before District Judge Wayne Maura on charges of possession with intent to deliver drugs, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia, the district attorney’s office said.

Trooper’s alleged unusual way to get dates

Bail was set at $150,000 and Frasier was sent to Lehigh County Jail, court papers say.

After a search of Frasier’s home and car, he was charged with five more counts of possession with intent to deliver drugs, six more counts of possession of a controlled substance, two counts of receiving stolen property — two handguns reported stolen to the Easton Police Department — another count of possession of drug paraphernalia and 12 related conspiracy counts, the district attorney’s office and court papers said.

The county Drug Task Force investigation recovered 215 grams of heroin worth $70,000, 70 grams of cocaine worth $5,000, 35 grams of methamphetamine worth $3,500 and 350 ml of liquid Fentanyl worth $1,000, the district attorney’s office said. Officers found $42,000 in cash and the four guns in Frasier’s home, the district attorney’s office said.

Two vehicles were also seized, the district attorney’s office said.

Frasier was arraigned Tuesday afternoon before District Judge Robert C. Halal in the remaining two cases — the searches of the house and the car — and in each $250,000 was added to his bail, court papers say.

He has preliminary hearings are tentatively scheduled 1:45 p.m. Thursday in Maura’s court in the initial case and 2:15 p.m. Tuesday in Central Court in front of Halal in the other two, court papers say.

District Attorney Jim Martin praised the Drug Task Force and saluted assists from the Coplay Police Department and the Bethlehem Police Department’s Vice/Intelligence Unit, the news release said.

The investigation continues, the district attorney’s office said.

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This small-town Lehigh Valley store sold $1 million lottery ticket

The winning ticket is the largest prize every awarded from the small-town corner store.

There’s big news in Coplay and it happened in an appropriate place — the Coplay News Agen…

Accident victim dies of injuries 9 days later, coroner reports

The 64-year-old hit a pole in Whitehall Township, the coroner said.

A 64-year-old Coplay man died Friday, the result of injuries suffered in a vehicle crash more than a week…

Postal carrier touched women’s breasts during mail exchanges, police say

The 60-year-old Coplay man faces three charges.

A 60-year-old U.S. Postal Service mail carrier from Coplay is charged with three indecent assaults in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania…