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A man serving time for third-degree murder will spend more time behind bars for helping with the plan.

A man serving what he called a fair sentence in a murder case was close to parole, when a fellow inmate offered him a deal that was eventually too good to pass up.

Judge Robert Steinberg sentenced Robert Lee Bullock in 2009 to 10 to 20 years on a third-degree murder charge.

The 34-year-old Bullock was serving his time last year in Huntingdon state prison with Efrain Miranda.

Prosecutors said Miranda offered groups of different men an easy job for drugs, guns and money, specifically two kilos of cocaine, some marijuana, two boxes of guns and cash.

‘Mastermind’ behind armed invasion of judge’s home begs for mercy

All they had to do was go to a house in Allentown, break in and get the goods, Miranda allegedly told them.

Bullock, so close to being eligible for parole, was offered $20,000 to get a group to do the work on the outside, prosecutors said. Bullock initially refused, but then agreed to do it because he needed the money for when he was paroled, prosecutors said.

The problem was the house didn’t belong to an old guy sitting on the property for drug dealers. It belonged to Judge Steinberg, the same judge that sentenced Bullock. Prosecutors have said the co-defendants in the case did not know a judge lived in the home.

Two groups performed “surveillance” of Steinberg’s home in anticipation of an armed home invasion, each group had no knowledge of the other one, prosecutors said.

On two occasions, prosecutors said some of the men went up to the home, and evidence from those incidents led to the unraveling of the case.

On Thursday, Bullock pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit burglary and was sentenced to 18 months to five years, which will run consecutive to his murder sentence. This new sentence add ones more year before Bullock would be eligible for parole.

“I’m sorry I played a part in this crime … I’m sorry I got involved in this,” Bullock said in court, adding Steinberg was a fair judge to him.

“You were duped,” Senior Judge Joseph Madenspacher said of Miranda’s ruse.

Last week, Miranda was sentenced to eight-and-half years to 20 years in state prison — more than four times the sentence asked for by prosecutors. The new sentence will run back-to-back with Miranda’s 12-to 29-year sentence for dealing drugs.

Also on Thursday, two others involved in the targeting of the judge’s home were sentenced.

Stephen Person, of the 2300 block of East Boulevard in Bethlehem, was given two years of probation after pleading guilty to attempted theft and conspiracy to commit defiant trespass.

Tyrice Harvey was sentenced to 20 months to five years in state prison for conspiracy to commit burglary.

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