President of Scranton School Board Resigns

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SCRANTON — The president of the Scranton school board has resigned.

Kathleen McGuigan submitted her letter of resignation. Board members read her letter aloud at a meeting Monday night.

McGuigan did not attend the meeting.

The resignation takes effect immediately.

Hunt for Cop Killer Continues

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BLOOMING GROVE TOWNSHIP — Officials with the Pennsylvania State Police released some new information Monday afternoon at news conference in Pike County.

State police said a .308 caliber rifle was used to shoot Corporal Bryon Dickson and Trooper Alex Douglass during an ambush outside the state police barracks at Blooming Grove during shift change Friday night.

Dickson was killed. Douglass remains hospitalized.

At a news conference, state police described the type of person they are searching for.

“Looking for a person who is an avid hunter or has formal firearms training, specifically with a rifle. This training may have been received through the military or law enforcement,” said Lt. Col. George Bivens, Deputy Commissioner of Operations, Pennsylvania State Police.

Investigators believe the shooter or shooters are familiar with Pike County and familiar with the Blooming Grove police barracks.

State police suspect the persons who did this may have an on-going issue with law enforcement.

“This attack could be directly related to an incident that was investigated by the Pennsylvania State Police in Blooming Grove. The actors may very well have been vocal about this complaint to others.”

Before a regularly scheduled township meeting, Blooming Grove supervisor Nicholas Mazza walked the perimeter around the building as a safety precaution.

Both he and residents we spoke with say they’re not living in fear, but rather outrage over this deadly act against police.

“I think our residents are angry. They’re mad that this would happen, that someone would do this to our state police,” Mazza said.

“I just hope that they find the perpetrators and they’re dealt with the way they should be dealt with,” said Bill Lanaing of Blooming Grove Township.

“You are a coward. You committed this spineless act and attacked defenseless troopers, shot them. They had no opportunity to defend themselves,” said Bivens.

DEVELOPING: Route 402 Blocked off near Blooming Grove Barracks

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BLOOMING GROVE TOWNSHIP — State police blocked off Route 402 between Blooming Grove Road and Route 6 Monday night.

The area is near the state police barracks in Pike County.

Police have not said why they shut down the road.

Crews Remove Stuck Truck from Under Bridge

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DUPONT — An oversize truck became stuck under a bridge in Luzerne County.

Police said a flatbed truck carrying two large reels of plastic was following a flagger truck on Route 315 in Dupont. The flagger truck made it underneath the Interstate 81 overpass, but when the flatbed tried to follow it became stuck.

Police believe the pavement under the bridge is uneven and that’s why the truck got stuck under the bridge.

A towing company was able to help readjust the two reels of plastic, weighing 18,000 pounds each, and remove the truck.

A bridge inspector is expected to check out the bridge for damage.

Police did not issue any citations.

Talkback 16: ‘Football, Football, Football’

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Callers have plenty of criticism in this edition of Talkback 16.

Police: Report of child abduction in Nazareth unfounded

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A massive search for a child unfolded in Nazareth, Northampton County, on Sunday, but it was it all for nothing?

Police have come up empty-handed following a report that a seven-year-old girl was possibly abducted.

Not only was nothing found, but police said there was no report of a small child missing in the area. Now, police are wondering if it was just a hoax.

Dozens of emergency vehicles packed into Nazareth Borough Park.

“We just heard the sirens and then we heard the vehicles, ” said resident Barbara Butz.

People who live nearby said they saw helicopters flying overhead and emergency crews combing the wooded area surrounding the park.

“I was looking at the helicopter wondering exactly what happened,” said Charlotte Kleckner.

Police were first called to the park for a report of the possible abduction, but police said nothing was found, and no reports of a missing child were received in the surrounding area.

“Living this close, we were concerned about it, so we just kept watching and just looking to see what was going on and trying to get answers,” said Butz.

The next day, borough residents still had questions. Kleckner said she told her boss, who was in disbelief. Kleckner said everyone is still talking about what happened.. 

“It spread fast, whatever happened,” said Kleckner. “It was also on Facebook. Everybody was talking about it, literally everybody.”

Even though nothing was found, Kleckner and Butz said it was comforting to see such a swift and thorough response from local and neighboring emergency agencies.

The investigation is continuing, and if the report does turn out to be a hoax, the perpetrator could face charges and fines for the massive search.

Women rush to struck jogger’s aid in Lower Macungie

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Some quick-thinking by a Lehigh County woman and her daughter-in-law may have helped save a man’s life.

Nancy Mitchell was looking out her kitchen window in Lower Macungie Township on Saturday when something off in the distance caught her eye.

“I said, ‘that looks a person out there’, and I was like, ‘it really does look like a person out there,’” Mitchell recalled.

Mitchell and her daughter-in-law rushed outside, where they found a man they’d never seen before lying near the intersection of Mohr Circle and Hickory Road. He was bleeding and unconscious, and appeared to be dressed for a run.

“He was laying on the ground.  Blood looked like it was coming out his head, mouth, ears,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell’s husband called 911 while the two of them tried to piece together what happened and identify the man. He did not have any ID on him.

“His shoes, both were off his feet.  One was way down another place, another was by him.  His iPhone was right by him,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell’s daughter-in-law was able to determine his name through his email account on the phone. Mitchell later searched Rodman Martinez on Facebook.

“I looked and I thought, ‘I think this is him’ and then I saw we had two mutual friends,” Mitchell said.

She was able to get in contact with one of their mutual friends, who then got in touch with Martinez’s pastor.

Mitchell said the pastor then confirmed his identity to Lehigh Valley Hospital, where Martinez was last reported to be in critical condition.

Mitchell also recognized Martinez’s black necklace in his Facebook pictures. She remembers handing it to emergency responders on scene.

“That really clinched it for me,” Mitchell said.

Friends also confirmed Martinez as the victim to 69 News.

Mitchell credits a higher power for all of the coincidences

“I look at it, and I say, ‘God was with him, and us the whole time,’” Mitchell said.

Mitchell said police told her they’re investigating the incident as a potential hit-and-run.

Police could not yet confirm that to 69 News.

Schuylkill County’s Rest Haven Nursing Home officially for sale

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A nursing home in Schuylkill County is now officially up for grabs, to the highest bidder.

The County Commissioners released a request for qualifications and proposals (RFQP) for the sale of Rest Haven Nursing Home Monday.

They are now taking proposals for the sale of the county-run nursing home in the 400 block of University Drive in Schuylkill Haven.

Officials say the 142-bed home has been having financial problems for more than a year.

Copies of the RFQP are available on the county website or by contacting the county’s special counsel, Eckert, Seamans, Cherin & Mellott attorney via email at

More information about how to bid on the 55-acre property, including who is eligible to submit, can be found in the RFQP.

Potential buyers have until October 31 to apply.

Constable serves eviction notice, finds marijuana grow operation in Reading

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A constable serving an eviction notice uncovered a marijuana growing operation in Reading, police said.

The discovery was made Friday in the 2300 block of River Road.

Peter Sivak admitted to growing the marijuana to make extra money to cover his rent, according to court documents.

Police say they found 28 mature marijuana plants and other paraphernalia.

Sivak was committed to the Berks County Jail on $200,000 bail.

Corbett commends law enforcement cooperation after state trooper shooting

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Governor Tom Corbett visited the Blooming Grove State Police barracks Monday in a show of support for the investigation continuing there after two troopers were shot this weekend.

Cpl. Bryon K. Dickson II, 38, was killed and Trooper Alex T. Douglass was critically wounded in the Friday night attack at the Blooming Grove barracks in Pike County.

Corbett was walked around the barracks and shown everything that took place according to what investigators currently know.

Corbett noted in particular the cooperation between the various law enforcement agencies investigating the incident he called an assault on state police, law enforcement and society.

“I want to thank all of law enforcement that’s out there right now from the federal government, to the county, and the state, and whatever local is here helping us with this,” Corbett said.

“A lot of work, a lot of man hours going into this, but I know that on behalf of the state police, nobody is going to let a minute go by that they’re not investigating this until we bring this individual whoever it is to justice,” he went on.

Corbett went on to ask that prayers be made on behalf of law enforcement, the quick recovery of Trooper Davis and the soul of Corporal Dickinson.

Corbett is not the only Pennsylvania politician speaking out after these ambush attacks. Senator Bob Casey issued the following statement:

“This weekend’s ambush killing of Corporal Bryon Dickson took the life of a loving husband and father, an honored Marine and a brave State Trooper. There are no words to describe the pain that this shameful act has caused to the Dickson family and to fellow State Trooper Alex T. Douglass. My office has been in touch with federal, state and local officials involved in the search for a suspect and will continue to monitor the situation closely. I have confidence in the work our law enforcement is doing to apprehend the assailant. The killer must be prosecuted and punished to the full extent of the law.”